Australia's most exclusive Yacht Club with a membership of just ONE !
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Strict dress codes apply:

Life-jacket and tie for gentlemen and inflatable bikinis for ladies.

Friday, June 23, 2017

MS Carmelita


The Club's secretary tabled the following correspondence:

Hi Peter.

A few years back we met you when we were up the river on our boat Carmelita, a 36' motor cruiser. We had a cup of tea and a nice chat at your place. After corresponding with Jack and Jude Binder, whilst anchored at Batemans Bay, he mentioned you and your website. It was quite a coincidence and highlights how small the world is. Great idea; the Nelligen Yacht Club certainly is exclusive.

Nice to make your acquaintance again and will now keep an eye on your blog.

Brian and Sandra Dorling.

After some strenuous vetting, it was unanimously decided to admit Brian and Sandra to the membership of the Nelligen Yacht Club, and to reserve two of the club's t-shirts until they are back in the Clyde River when they can pay their respects to the president.

Brian and Sandra, we hereby welcome you to the Nelligen Yacht Club, and wish you fair wind wherever you may sail which should never be too far away from a welcoming yacht club as the Nelligen Yacht Club has reciprocal rights with all other clubs worldwide.

Just tell them that you're from NYC (and don't be put off if they ask you about the World Trade Center).