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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Three times what?


Hubert Hofer of Thursday Island in MV TIGA KALI is the latest honorary member to be admitted to the Nelligen Yacht Club.

Hubert bought TIGA KALI (Indonesian for 'Three Times') as an empty 21’ shell in ’87, extended it by 2 m and fitted a 1978 85 hp Toyota B Diesel with a twin Disc gearbox. Gets about ½ litre/naut mile and has 2½’ draft and cruises at 7.2 Kn.

MV TIGA KALI after the last re-fit ten years ago;
well due for another one

Classic sailor's fare

MV TIGA KALI on the wreck of the SS QUETTA
during a Coast Australia shoot off Cape York in 2014;
pretty hefty sea that day