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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Position Report TEKANI II

TEKANI II at Muddy Bay

"Navigation, sail changes, engine maintenance, etc. are all part of the rich tapestry of the cruising life, but an iced-up freezer willl eventually get your attention - a squeak like a gecko caught in an electric fan which I had been ignoring (as you do) got so loud that I finally identified it ... the fan blades were fighting a losing battle with an iced-up wireguard and there could be only one end, with ransom money for Wayne or Charlie from Ice Cold Refrigeration ooming - no worries:

!. Unload freezer and put contents into supermarket freezer bags.

2. Point $15 fan-heater into freezer, turn it on and stand back.

3. Pour a small scotch, and wait 20 mins by which time all traces of ice, frost, cold etc. will have disolved into H2O.

4. Reverse 3.2. & 1.

5. Put everything back and turn freezer on.

Works for me ☺ "

Monday, January 9, 2012

Position Report TEKANI II

Paguro means Hermit Crab. Makes sense! ☺

"Paguro Genset update

This will be the last time I bore you all with the ongoing problems of this piece of Italian exotica - promise.

A diesel engineer and a marine electrician came on board this morning and after an exhaustive series of tests and experiments, both agreed that the machine was impossible to either start or run in its present condition. Neither was prepared to attempt to work on it further
in situ and the only alternative offer was to unbolt the entire unit, including the separate water-cooled inverter, and dismantle the whole thing on the work bench.

Since the nearest spare parts are in Brisbane, or more likely in Milan, we agreed that this was better left until T2 reaches Mooloolaba, within striking distance of Brisbane where the agents are based.

The boat is still fully operational without it, so this is what I've decided to do.

Time for a scotch.........or two X;{"

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Position Report TEKANI II

"This Google earth image from 2009 shows the bottom end of Curtis Island as it was then. It's now a major construction site for the world's biggest liquid natural gas terminal which will join the other huge ship-loading terminals already here.
I could hear thumps from pile-drivers and see the dust cloud as I passed it on my way to Gladstone Marina on the other side of the harbour.

Gladstone is busy 24/7 with what seems to be every available fast ferry, barge, dredge, workboat and tug in Queensland cris-crossing its waters,all human activity thereon defined by the fluorescent orange and yellow neck-to-knee clothing and compulsory hard hats now demanded by BigBrother for workers who survived in shorts and thongs in the bad old days.

If I was job hunting, (I'm not!), this would be the place to be for an octogenarian ships master, but spare a thought for Curtis Island as it was 25 years ago. Ivy and I found the wreck of a deserted farmhouse there with the remains of a Ford T, a couple of steam-powered tractors and other relics rusting away untouched. Wonder what happened to them?"

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Position Report TEKANI II

"The Cattle Crossing at Curtis Island Narrows. Tekani II was here earlier today. They walk cattle across at low tide when it dries right out. The sounder said 1.9 metres at 6 AM which left 0.5m under the keel. Not recommended for anyone with blood pressure problems.

We are now in Gladstone and an electrical engineer will be on board on Monday to fix the genset.....or else!'

Friday, January 6, 2012

"ROXXAN" arrives!

The 46-foot ferrocement Hartley Tahitian-design ketch "ROXXAN" anchored off the Nelligen Yacht Club yesterday. As Commodore and only member of the Club, I rowed out to welcome them.

On board was a family of five from the little inland town of Cobargo who had bought the boat quite recently in Sydney and had it sailed down the coast by its previous owner. The new owners have never sailed a boat before - let alone owned one - but are keen to learn.

"Roxxan" is now permanently moored in the Batemans Bay estuary which means a 1-1/2 hour drive for them every time they want to go sailing!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Catamaran "RUSH" of Pittwater in Sydney ...

... came in on last night's tide and anchored a short distance upriver from "Riverbend". Of course, I rowed out to meet skipper Allan and his companion Kath and welcomed them to the Nelligen Yacht Club.

"RUSH" has been Allan's permanent home for some years and he's taken her all over the world, to Fiji, to Tonga, and as far north as Norway. Now he's on his way to Tasmania.

The rainy weather was no inducement for them to stay. They left at first light, well before I could take a happy snap for the Club's blog.

Fair winds and following seas and long may your big jib draw!